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10 December 2020

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We’re still very much going (online) through these Coronavirus times and still helping people with their speaking skills!

Here’s some posters to help highlight what we can offer

  • Poster - Sessions Are Currently Free
  • Poster - Microphone </ul> ## 26 May 2019 ### 2019 Success **Lots of Achievements so far in 2019**! Craven Speakers Club has enjoyed a really strong first half of the year: - Lots of new members - Members competing at local, _district_ and _national levels_, with a good degree of success - Some of us from the club were able to attend the Association of Speaker's Club's _national conference in Edinburgh_ Particular credit is due to our _younger members_ who have: - Entered open competitions against vastly experienced adults, and won! - Used their skills outside of speakers club to achieve success at school We're on a well deserved _summer break_ now but back again on **9th September 2019 - If you are reading this and thinking about joining, we'd be delighted to meet you, come along!** ### 2018 Blog Entries 2018 blog entries, still available through this link...